Five Items You Might Not Think About Putting in Your Bug Out Bag

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Bugout bag, emergency kit, hiking backpack

When you think you have a great bug out bag ready to go, you might inevitably discover during a disaster that you’ve missed something, even if it is something you don’t need to survive per se, but it’s something that would make your prepping life a lot easier. We’ve listed five such items below. Let us know if you think of more.

Extra Socks – Yes, having that extra pair of socks in your bug out bag is a good idea. We recommend wool or synthetic socks, as they dry faster and you’re less likely to get blisters.

Pepper Spray – This one is meant for protection not only from people, but from animals as well.

Emergency Radio – This item seems almost obvious, but you’d be surprised how many preppers don’t even think about putting these items in their bug out bags.

Guides and books – We’ve touched on this a little already but guides and books can help you improve your knowledge and therefore your chances of survival.

GamesKeeping your sanity in disasters is almost as important as knowing what to do in one. Games — in particular board, card, or mind games — can be a great way to keep your sanity while you’re bugging out.

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