Getting the Skeptics to Prepare for Survival

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It’s one thing to know that you need to prepare for the next hurricane, earthquake, climate change, tornado or economic calamity. These disasters are not only commonplace, but there are a lot of really basic skills and supplies that will get anyone through those situations, and most people can acquire them with a little work. But the scenarios that are truly difficult to get people to prepare for are the ones that involve the total collapse of our society for any given period of time. That’s because surviving those scenarios requires you as an individual, to contribute to a society that is broken, and often not always readily contributing itself.

Prepping the Skeptics

Chances are, you’re probably not going to be able to tell someone who believes or doesn’t believe in global warming to change their minds, but you could possibly convince them to prepare. After all, there are quite a few benefits to prepping even without an impending disaster.

The aforementioned scenarios are the types of scenarios that few people actually prepare for because they, like most people, tend to think it will never happen to them and there’s no reason to prepare for it. The sad part is, like most people, they won’t last very long if and when such a disaster does occur. The rest of us, however will be required to do everything ourselves to survive, so we need to be ready with the necessary skills and information to do it.

This includes having to grow your own food, heal your own wounds, fix your own tools and gear, acquire your own energy, and possibly even build or procure your own bug out shelter. When the commerce and infrastructure of society breaks down, you’re truly going to be on your own for a while.

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Potentially Rebuilding Society Starts With Prepping

Fortunately, it wouldn’t take long for a society to start functioning again in some capacity. Working together, communicating, and trading is in our nature as human beings. We’d be eager to put the pieces of society back together again. But if a particularly cataclysmic scenario comes to pass, it could take years before our world is back in business. Getting to that point will be much faster and easier if we’re willing to work together.

And a good start to working together is making sure everyone you know is willing to prepare for any disaster that may occur. As the old saying goes, united we stand, divided we fall. Get some friends or family together, even if they’re skeptical, and run them through a few survival scenarios to see what they would do in certain situations (it helps to reference current world events where applicable here). This will get them thinking about preparing. Then explain the benefits of prepping and offer to assist them with prepping activities, even if it it’s as simple and small as keeping a little extra food storage or water set aside. You never know; it might even spawn into something bigger.

The rule of thumb is: Prepping is good no matter what you believe in. How do you get your skeptical friends and family members to prepare?

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