Growing Garlic in Your Apartment or Home

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In part six of our series on growing food indoors, we’ve decided to cover garlic, which is quite easy to grow indoors, but does require around 7 or 8 hours of sunlight each day. You can grow garlic in any self-draining pot that’s around 8 to 10 inches deep — enough space to plant each bulb about 4 inches apart is preferred, including 4 inches from the outside of the container.

Start by filling your container with a soil mix until it is one inch from the top of the pot and then take a garlic bulb (round part on bottom) and push it down into the soil so there’s about an inch of soil on top of it. Plant each additional bulb the same way.

You can water your garlic plants in a sink or bathtub. Water evenly and lightly. Keep the soil damp but not wet by check on it on a regular basis.

Make sure you clip off any flowers that sprout as the garlic grows to avoid them unnecessarily stealing nutrients from the bulb itself. These flowers are not needed. When the leaves turn brown and dry, you can harvest your garlic and hang the harvested garlic to dry in a cool, dry place for about a week before use.

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