Preparing Even When Times Are Good

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How important is it to be prepared today?

According to The Economic Collapse, prepping was at an all-time low since the election of President Donald Trump. An era of good feelings has settled over the right as well as the prepping community that hasn’t been seen since the election of Ronald Reagan. The economy has been improving; the U.S. dollar index recently hit the highest level that we have witnessed since March 2003. Tens of thousands of jobs, many having something to do with Trump’s election either directly or indirectly, have returned or are returning to U.S. shores.

But is this the calm before the storm?

That’s the thing about being prepared. It’s not preparing for what you see coming. It’s preparing for what you don’t. Just four years after the aforementioned U.S. dollar index rise, the Great Recession — the largest economic downturn since the Great Depression — began, lasting officially from December 2007 to June 2009.

That’s why it’s always important to be prepared. Even if you’re in great or good shape today, you never know what tomorrow will bring.

Being prepared isn’t only about keeping food storage and extra water tools on hand. Even in times of economic rise, it’s important to make sure you’re financially secure, putting money into a emergency savings account or paying off any outstanding debts so they don’t pile up and come back to haunt you later. Investing in solar or wind power so you can live off the grid is also a good idea, as it will free up money in the long run that you can then utilize for something else.

Growing your own garden is a good way to learn self-reliance — and is also overall cheaper and better for you than buying your food at a supermarket. You can even learn to grow a garden inside your home.

What other ways can you think of to prepare for the future? Let us know in the comments!

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