The Difference Between the Military and Civilian Gas Masks

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In the preparation for an event where your air is compromised, how do you choose the gas mask that will enable you to survive and thrive?

If there was an event tomorrow that would require you and your family to need gas masks, are you prepared?

Do you know the differences between our Israeli Military or Civilian Gas Masks?

Our gas masks arrive from Israel where they provide gas masks to their citizens. Would you only need the most basic of gas masks as long as the filter works? Do you have special needs or skills that may require you to opt for the military style gas mask? These are all questions that you need to ask so that you can be prepared.
The following infographic discusses some of the differences between the gas mask styles.

Comparison Guide Between Israeli Military and Civilian Gas Mask

Now that we see the graphic, let’s get into the particulars of what makes the Israeli Military M-15-A1T Gas Mask so much better than the civilian style.


Mark as Well Prepared ManThe throughput of oxygen through the gas masks may seem as if it will be similar, after all, the gas masks do use the same filter. However, based on testing, the military gas mask is much easier to breathe through when in an exercise environment. Last year, the owner of ran in a 5K with the military gas mask. In preparation for this event, he practiced with the two different versions of the mask. Because of this, he came away knowing that there was a sizable difference in clean air that he was breathing. In sight of this anecdote, if you are going to be exerting yourself while wearing the gas mask, one would definitely suggest the military gas mask.

Field of Vision

Civilian Gas Mask Optics

Civilian Gas Mask

Military Gas Mask Optics

Military Gas Mask

As can be seen by the pictures, the military gas mask has a much larger field of vision than the civilian gas mask. Why would this be handy? During a survival event, you may need to make repairs to your house. You may also need to use some weaponry. This larger field of vision allows you to be more effective and see more.

Anti-Fog Properties

When working or wearing any type of mask, when it gets foggy, it is hard to work. The same is true of gas masks. The military and civilian gas mask have different amounts of rubber that surrounds the nose. In the Military gas mask, there is more rubber that surrounds the nose. This greater amount of rubber provides a greater seal around the nose. Therefore, it prevents your exhalation from effecting your vision.

Civilian Gas Mask Inside

Civilian Gas Mask

Military Gas Mask Inside

Military Gas Mask


In connection with this greater amount of rubber surrounding the nose, the rubber also makes the wearer more comfortable while wearing the mask. While wearing an apparatus around your face for an extended amount of time will never be considered comfortable, at least there can be a few concessions in the design that allow for a little bit of paradise while in your hazardous event.

Communication Capabilities

Military Gas Mask 03

Military Gas Mask

Civilian Gas Mask 01

Civilian Gas Mask

The civilian gas mask does indeed have a voicemitter that is located behind the filter thereby blocking some of your communication ability. As opposed to the one blocked voicemitter, the military gas mask has 2 voicemitters. The side voicemitter allows you to utilize radios or phones. Secondly, you also have an unblocked voicemitter located above the filter. By being located above the filter, you can communicate freely while in your survival situation.

If you are preparing your family for an emergency, they will most likely not all need the military style gas masks. However, if you need one of these added features, get the military gas mask.

Get you and your family members a gas mask today and be Well Prepared!

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