What You Need to Survive a Major Volcanic Eruption

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Many people don’t know that they’re sitting on top or nearby a large volcano that can erupt at any time. Yellowstone National Park — specifically the Yellowstone Caldera — is just one of the world’s largest volcanoes that, if it erupts, would quite possibly cover most of our world in ash and end life as we know it. Yellowstone has erupted in the past and it’s possible that it could happen again in our lifetime. The question is, what would one need in order to survive this type of calamity?

Surviving a Volcanic Eruption

It may seem counter-intuitive since most shelters and lava don’t really mix well together, but in this case, a shelter is going to be the best place to be during an eruption, especially a shelter in a very high climate, away from most of the ash and lava spewing down on the world, or deep underground, where you can completely avoid the volcanic ash that would otherwise suffocate you very quickly.  Either way, it has to be a shelter in which you can say for a very, very long time, until the ash passes and lava cools.

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With this in mind, your shelter will need to be well stocked with emergency food and clean water, a supply that will need to last for many months. Gas masks might even be useful, specifically if you ever needed to wander outdoors for any reason.

This will take care of your basic necessities. Depending on your level of preparedness, you might also consider packing blankets, pillows, and other itmes into your shelter to help you weather the event until it passes. Let us know what else you’d bring in the comments or on social networks!

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