The Survivalist Hatchet: Designed for Splitting and Chopping

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The Survivalist Hatchet 01

Custom made in Bulgaria, the Survivalist Hatchet is a small hatchet and axe featuring a curved adze blade and was designed for maximum striking power with its cutting head made of hardened 440 steel.

Hatchet for Any Situation

With the Survivalist Hatchet, you’ll be able to both cut and dig in any survival or disaster situation. For instance, if you are stranded in the snow, you can use the adze end to dig your way out. You can even use the cutting end to chop wood for a warm fire while you’re camping or just roughing it in the great outdoors.

Or, in really wild situations, like if you are in a firefight, you can use the adze and quickly dig yourself to safety.

Survivalist Hatchet Highlights

  • Blade made of 440 hardened steel
  • Designed for maximum striking power
  • Adze end is perfect for digging your car out when stranded
  • Custom hand-made in Bulgaria
  • Included sheath for attaching to your pack

Check out the video below for more information or get the Survivalist Hatchet now!

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