Water Storage, Filtration, and Purification (Video)

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Water source, clean ocean water, desalination

During an emergency/crisis situation you are going to need water. This includes water from filtered sources as well as water purification. This class discusses how to make it happen when times get tough!

Answered in this video:

  • Why store water?
  • How much to store?
  • How to store water?
  • Hiding water in plain sight
  • Testing water
  • Water Sources

You’ll be able to find the slides and the video for the class embedded below. Don’t forget to check out our water storage and cleansing products so you’re not caught without one of the most important preparedness items the next time a natural disaster or man-made devastating event arises!

Water Storage, Filtration, and Purification Slides

Follow along the preparedness class video using these helpful slides created by our staff. These slides are ©Copyright 2017 by Well Prepared and cannot be used or reproduced without written permission.

Water Storage, Filtration, and Purification slides (PDF)

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