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Solar Emergency Survival Blanket

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  • Perfect for emergency kits
  • Mylar insulated material
  • Provides emergency protection in all conditions
  • Reflects 90% of body heat and keeps the body warm during an emergency
  • Large size: 82"L x 51"W

Emergency Space Blankets are an essential part of any survival/emergency kit. Whether you are on the go or in a vehicle or at home these blankets can be used in many different ways.

Can reflect up to 90% of body heat

This blanket can keep you warm when you are cold with the ability to reflect 90% of your body heat. It can be a great way to help save a person during an emergency. These blankets are made of a durable insulated Mylar material with a size of 82 inches by 51 inches. The blankets are compact emergency protection that can fit anywhere!

Great Multi-Use Survival Essential

You can use the emergency blanket when you try to signal for help if you are lost or stuck. In addition, these blankets can be used as a reflector for heat from your fire to increase the effectiveness of your heating. You can use these to help in the treatment of individuals in shock. Afterward, if you need a quick shelter from the rain, or snow, you can pop one of these out of their bag. You now have instant protection because they are waterproof and weatherproof. These can even be used to line any cooler and make the ice last for a whole camping trip! From first aid to survival to making your trip a little bit better, these space blankets have many uses. We are sure you can find many more uses for them.

Stock up and be Ready!

Keep a couple of them in your car, and a couple of them in your emergency kit. Give one to your neighbor and two to each of your children. You always hope that you don't have to use these in an emergency situation. Yet, for the cost of being prepared, you have no excuse but to be prepared with these emergency survival space blankets. Get 1 or get 10 of these Solar Emergency Survival Blankets and be Well Prepared today! Check out some of the things you can do with Space Blankets by clicking here!