Kelly Kettle Camping Mug Set


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  • Stainless Steel mugs
  • 500mL and 350mL cups
  • CooLip prevents lips from burning
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Measurements inside cups

Multi-Purpose items are any Prepper's best friend. The Kelly Kettle Camping Mug Set checks that box and will prove to be a necessary part of your camp cooking kit. This mug set comes with two stainless steel mugs (a 350mL and a 500mL sized cup). These mugs come with Kelly Kettle's CooLip that will protect your lips when drinking hot beverages. They also feature folding handles so that they can stack inside each other and take up less space. Now how about the utility of these mugs. On the inside of each of these mugs are measurements so that you can use these cups for measuring ingredients while you are out backpacking or during an emergency where you may not have your tools you normally would. Both of these mugs are dishwasher safe and come polished on the inside so they are easier to clean. Get the Kelly Kettle Camping Mug Set and be Well Prepared today!