Ballistic Storm Shelters

The Safest Bullet-Proof Storm Shelters and Safe Rooms

Real Engineer-Approved Protection

Why protect against only one possible crisis? Or have different protocols for each possible crisis? Well Prepared Shelter-in-Place Portable Safe Rooms provide protection against the most concerning threats facing your family and employees:


Tornado Protection Up to EF-5


Seismic Protection up to 9.5 on Richter Scale

Active Shooters

Ballistic Protection from Knives and Guns including Assault Weapons


Hurricane Protection Up to Category 5

8 Optional Levels of Ballistic Strength Offering 100% Protection Exceeding .50 cal. Sniper Weapons, RPG’s and Explosives

Keep Them Safe

Protecting What Matters Most

In a moment of crisis time and exposure en-route to safety is everything, and is often the difference between life and death. Within seconds people of all ages and size can be fully protected inside one of our multi-patent pending Ballistic Storm Shelters that have been pre-installed inside any room or other nearby location for the immediate real protection of family and employees.

Ballistics Tests

These safe rooms have been tested with every gun that has ever been used in a school shooting along with many others. Watch how the shelters perform in the videos. Your family and employees are kept safe within the shelter even after the shelter takes a barrage of bullets.

A Safe and Functional Part of Your Home or Business

These shelters can also be used as a daily functional part of your home or business. They can serve a dual purpose as a meditation zone, small reading nook, waiting room, a pantry for your food storage, small office space, study, or meeting room. In a moment of crisis, those inside are totally protected from the dangers of natural and man-made disasters.

Shelter Features

Air Filtration System – The air filtration system circulates and turns over the air (destratification) about every 4 minutes for the standard unit, ensuring that occupants have fresh air while inside. It will also filter out dust and debris that may be in the air during a storm or earthquake.

Camera Monitoring System – To help eliminate the guesswork during the chaos of an active shooter situation, our shelters are equipped with a wide-angle external camera and an internal monitoring system allowing those inside the shelter to know when it’s safe to open the door.

Materials – Each Shelter is built with multi-layered, hardened ballistic steel that has been tested with every gun that has been used in school shootings, so you know it will protect your family. Structural I-beams and tubular studs every 18” make these shelters incredibly strong not only protecting those seeking refuge from bullets, but flying debris and shrapnel in a natural disaster as well. The shelters have been structurally tested to withstand bullets from assault rifles, up to an EF-5 tornado, 9.5 Earthquake and Category 5 hurrican force winds.

Multi-Purpose Functionality – These rooms can become a vital part of the home where you go inside for meditation, reading, a quiet space, family meetings, tutoring or study rooms, or anything else you can think of.

Power – Each shelter is equipped with a back-up power supply in the event power is lost during an emergency. This allows the lighting, camera monitoring system and air filtration to stay fully functional in the event of power loss in time of crisis.

Secure – To prevent being picked up or capsized during a natural disaster, each shelter is anchored 6” into the building’s foundation where possible. If the building’s foundation is not sufficient, other anchoring options are available.

Fully Customizable – Video Cameras, Enhanced Ventilation, Custom Exterior/Interior skins and colors, ELT Emergency Locator Transmitter/GPS Location Device, Emergency Frequency Access Wireless Telephone/ Radio, Appropriately Sized Fully Equipped Medical Kit, Appropriate Quantity of Pure Water & Food, Appropriate Quantity of Emergency Air Respirators System, Additional Extreme Capability Air Filtration/Purification/Circulation, Additional Ballistic Protection, Self-Sustaining Defensive Weapons Capability via Roof Weapons Rack

Shelter Optional Add-Ons
  • Locator: ELT Emergency Locator Transmitter GPS Location Device
  • Communication: Emergency Frequency Access Wireless Telephone/Radio
  • Emergency Air: Appropriate Quantity of Emergency Air Respirators System
  • Extreme Air Filtration: Additional Extreme Capability Air Filtration/Purification/Circulation

Fully finished Ballitic Storm Shelter Units can be installed in almost any location in 1 day

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Safety in Seconds

Amount of Warning Before Crisis Strikes


0-2 Minutes

Active Shooters





< 36 Hours

Sizes, Capacity, and Pricing



50 sizes to choose from ranging from 17.5 Sq. Ft. to 250 Sq. Ft.



SKU: 3650
Size: 3’5″ x 5’0″ (17.5 Sq. Ft.)
Capacity*: Holds 9 Adults or 18 Children
Weight (lbs): 3,258
Price: $15,000
SKU: 3666
Size: 3’5″ x 6’5″ (22.75 Sq. Ft.)
Capacity*: Holds 11 Adults or 23 Children
Weight (lbs): 4,300
Price: $20,000
SKU: 3680
Size: 3’5″ x 8’0″ (28 Sq. Ft.)
Capacity*: Holds 14 Adults or 28 Children
Weight (lbs): 5,212
Price: $25,000
SKU: 5050
Size: 5’0″ x 5’0″ (25 Sq. Ft.)
Capacity*: Holds 12 Adults or 25 Children
Weight (lbs): 4,525
Price: $21,000
SKU: 6666
Size: 6.5″ x 6’5″ (42.25 Sq. Ft.)
Capacity*: Holds 21 Adults or 42 Children
Weight (lbs): 7,884
Price: $37,000
SKU: 8080
Size: 8’0″ x 8’0″ (64 Sq. Ft.)
Capacity*: Holds 32 Adults or 64 Children
Weight (lbs): 11,548
Price: $55,000


Higher capacity ballistic storm shelters also available upon request. Use the form below and tell us your needs!


Payment Schedule

  • 5% Down Payment – Due at the time a contract is signed to reserve production slot
  • 35% Production Payment – Due by the time the production of the steel is scheduled to commence production, and all other materials are ordered.
  • 35% Assembly Payment – Due by the time the assembly of the shelter is scheduled to begin.
  • 25% Completion Payment – Due upon the completion of the onsite installation of the shelter.


According to FEMA standards we are using the guideline of 3 sq’ per adult and 1.5 sq’ for children to calculate shelter capacity.

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