Camping Gas Stove In A Box


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  • Very lightweight (120g/4oz)
  • Strong build quality
  • Can cook on clean burning butane
  • Can use an adapter to work with propane tank
  • Perfect for throwing in your Bugout Bag

Whether you are backpacking in the great outdoors or putting together your go bag, you are going to want a way to heat up your food and boil water.  This butane camping stove is the perfect addition to any bag.  With its lightweight design and carrying case, you are able to throw this in anything and be assured that you will be prepared for whatever life throws you.  Utilizing its aluminum frame it is able to be a lightweight addition to your pack for camping.  With its stainless steel fire plate and cooking bracket it can survive whatever you can throw at it. So grab your butane or propane (with adapter) and you will be well on your way to being prepared to cook at a moments notice. You can even get your gas stove with the optional adapter from us right here! Choose yes and you'll get both of these great products. Specifications:
  • Box size: Approx. 1.57 * 2.17 * 3.15 inch
  • Fire plate size: 3.74 * 3.74 inch
  • Stove weight: 120g / 4oz
  • Burner base is made of Aluminum Alloy that provides a Lightweight, yet Strong structure
  • Thermal Plate and Bracket are made of Stainless Steel for use in high temperatures