Food Jar of Life
Jars of Life, Prepper Bugout Bags

Food Jar of Life

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  • Perfect for Bug Out Bags, Camping Gear, Vehicles, and Emergency Supplies
  • Reusable Jars Float and Are Portable
  • Includes Everything You Need to Maintain Adequate Food Supply

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      Bug Out Your Food Supply

      The average person needs at-least 1,200 calories a day to survive.

      During an emergency, most people will expend huge amounts of energy trying to bug-out and survive, and will likely need more calories than normal.

      Food is heavy, you can only carry so much. Being able to hunt and gather from natural sources is a lost skill that is necessary to survive.

      Having the tools for trapping, fishing, butchering and more will help you to make it through whatever may come.


      • Emergency Stove
      • Utensil Set
      • Fishing Kit
      • Snare Kit
      • Skinning Knife
      • Knife Sharpener
      • 2oz Himalayan Salt
      • Trace Minerals
      • Can Opener
      • Washcloth
      • Storage Bag
      • Jar