Kaito KA700 Voyager XL Media Center For Emergencies


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  • AM/FM/NOAA Weather/Bluetooth/MP3 (with memory card)
  • LED reading lamp
  • Solar panel
  • Dynamo hand-crank
  • Perfect for everyday pleasure and emergency listening!

Do you want to ultimate listening device? The Kaito KA700 Voyager XL radio is bound to meet your needs. This device is the one radio to rule them all! With the KA700's AM/FM radio you will have your entertainment. You will also be able to be alerted to any weather emergencies with the NOAA weather alert radio. Furthermore, let's kick this radio up a notch and throw in a Bluetooth receiver so that you'll have your everyday entertainment wherever you go! If you're short of data or are out in an area without any signal, fret not as this radio will be able to play your MP3 music files from a Micro-SD card! Just load your memory card and hit the trails! Do you want to know what else this can do? It can even record your favorite radio programs straight from the radio or you can make voice memos using the built-in microphone. This radio is amazing! If you are worried about making sure that you have the power to run this beast all day long, do not worry about that anymore. The included Lithium Ion Battery will be sure to last a long time. If you need more batteries be sure to check out what we have for you here. If you do happen to run out of power in the battery, look no further than the solar panel which can even run the radio when no battery is even in the unit! If you are meeting a cloudy day, have no fear as you also have the Dynamo hand-crank that will produce efficient power for you to continue listening all day long. The last way to power the KA700 is to use the Micro-USB port and charge it up like you would any cell phone. For good measure Kaito has even thrown in an LED Flashlight and SOS alert light. You can also charge your won USB-Powered devices using the USB charging port! The Kaito KA700 Voyager XL has everything you will need for everyday use, when you are out camping, hiking, hitting the trails, traveling and during emergencies. Take this radio with you and you will be Well Prepared!

Radio Frequencies:

  • A pure Digital Radio with keypad direct input or dial selection: AM/FM and NOAA Weather bands
  • AM: 520-1719 Khz
  • FM: 88.0- 108Mhz
  • NOAA and Alert: 1-7 Channel

Package Includes

  • Kaito KA700 Voyager XL
  • Rechargeable 18650 lithium-ion battery
  • USB charging cable
  • Owner's manual