Kelly Kettle Small Cook Set

Kelly Kettle Camping Cook Set Small

Regular price $22.98

  • Made of Stainless Steel
  • Perfect for cooking while backpacking or camping
  • Includes everything you need to cook on the Trekker Kettle fire-base
  • Set contains: pot, lid/pan, grill pieces, and gripper
  • Fits nicely inside Trekker kettle for storage

Hungry? When you are on the go, the Kelly Kettle Trekker will need the Kelly Kettle Camping Small Cook Set. This cook set has everything that you need to cook on top of the fire-base for the Trekker Kettle. The set includes a pot and lid (that doubles as a pan), pieces for a grill and a gripper handle. Once you get your water boiling on the kettle you will have perfect coals ready for you to cook your dinner. After you have eaten and cleaned up, all the pieces for the cook set fit inside the Trekker Kettle so you don't have to carry anymore bulk while you are out camping, backpacking, fishing, or trying to survive. Made of stainless steel, this cook set is made to last. If you want to cook on top of the kettle chimney you just need to get the Kelly Kettle Pot Support and you'll be able to cook at the same time that you are boiling your water. Get the Kelly Kettle Camping Small Cook Set and be Well Prepared today!