Kelly Kettle Large Cook Set
Kelly Kettle Large Cook Set
Kelly Kettle Large Cook Set

Kelly Kettle Large Cook Set

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  • Stainless steel construction
  • Grill can be placed directly on the fire-base
  • Includes 29 fl.oz. Pot
  • Fits with Base Camp and Scout Keetles
  • Fits inside kettle base for easy carry
  • Portable, perfect for cooking on the go!
  • Eco-friendly Cooking!

With the Kelly Kettle Large Cook Set you will be well on your way to being able to provide your food while you are on the go! Combine the Stainless Steel Large Cook set with the Base Camp or Scout Kelly Kettle and you'll have all you need to cook while out in the backwoods or when the power is out. When you are not cooking, the pieces all fit inside the fire-base of the kettle for no increase in storage space from what you are already using for the kettle. 

The grill can be placed directly on the fire-base  and cook using the coals or, pair up with our HOBO STOVE accessory (not included) for easy cooking.  after your water is boiling and you can cook directly over the left over coals and make your meal. Get the Kelly Kettle Large Cook Set and be Well Prepared today!

2 Ways of using Cook Set

  • Using your Pot Support certain foods can be cooked quickly over the chimney of the Kelly/Volcano Kettle as it boils thus ensuring maximum fuel and time efficiency. Note: as the heat is intense, you will need to stir your food regularly. Additional fuel can be added through the chimney.
  • Remove the kettle from fire base and place Grill Pieces (2 pieces) onto the fire-base, when the water boils.Then simply place your Pot/Pan on the Grill pieces for cooking, adding additional fuel to the fire base as required. Fuel can be inserted through the air hole in the side of the base.

Large Cook Set Includes:

*** 2 Grill Pieces- to create a base for the Pot to sit on. And to be placed on the fire-base facilitating grilling over the coals 

*** 29 fl.oz. Pot

*** Pot Lid which double as a frying pan

*** Gripper handle.


Diameter - 5.5 inches

Capacity - 4 cups (29 fluid oz)

Height - 3.25 inches

Weight - 0.85lb