Kelly Kettle Robust Tunnel Tent for 2 Persons
Kelly Kettle Lightweight & Waterproof Tunnel Tent - 2 Person
Kelly Kettle Adventurer 2 Person Tent, Waterproof, Plolyester Ripstop, tape seams, Fire Retardant, Bug Free.
Kelly Kettle Lightweight & Waterproof Tunnel Tent - 2 Person
Kelly Kettle Tent Inner Pockets for Phones. Lights, wallets, chargers, etc.
Kelly Kettle Lightweight & Waterproof Tunnel Tent - 2 Person
Kelly Kettle Tent Adventurer for 2 Persons. Packed Dimensions: 7" High X 7" Wide X 14" long

Kelly Kettle Lightweight & Waterproof Tunnel Tent - 2 Person

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High Quality, lightweight, easy to set up, and robust tent for backpacking, trekking, hiking, or overnight fun.  

  • Double Skin with excellent ventilation.
  • Waterproof
  • Polyester Ripstop
  • 2 Person Tent
  • Opens on BOTH sides – two entrances.
  • Space on both sides for Bag or Boots.
  • Fire Retardant
  • Bug Free
  • Lightweight 2 person/man tent
  • Size 7.55’ x 3.94’(230 x 120 cm + storage on each side)
  • 9.5mm Duraluminium Poles and Taped Seams.
  • Inner Pockets for Phones, Lights, wallets, chargers, etc.
  • Small pack, includes Stakes & Carry Bag
  • Repair kit included  (just in case you break a pole!)
  • 1 year manufacturer warranty

A great value, high quality and comfortable Tent is very important during adventure, hiking, camping and other outdoor activities. It will make your outdoor experience comfortable and safe. 

About Kelly Kettle Adventurer 2 Person Tunnel  Tent

The outer layer fabric of this tent is Polyester Ripstop 3000mm. RIPSTOP - is a weaving technique that creates a grid type effect in the fabric (look for the little squares in the material). Because threads are cross-woven, a tear will not spread as it is stopped when it meets the cross thread…hence the ‘rip stops’. This prevents the issue of ripping or unraveling if the rain fly is punctured.

Inner Layer is Breathable Polyester (Mesh) and the  Floor Layer is Polyethylene (PE) 5000mm. 

Product Specifications:

  • Total Weight 2.27 kg or 5lbs. (Includes Stakes & Carry Bag)
  • Size 7.55’ x 3.94’(230 x 120 cm living space + 50x100cm outer storage on each side)
  • Lightweight 2 person/man tent
  • Opens on BOTH sides – two entrances
  • Outer Layer / Rainfly sheet: Polyester Ripstop 3000mm
  • Double Skin with Ventilation at each end.
  • Fire Retardant
  • Taped Seams
  • Inner Layer: Mesh
  • Repair kit included

How to set up easily?

  1. Roll out the tent body and separate the tent rain fly.
  2. Before staking out the ends of the TENT BODY, assemble the 2 POLES and insert them into the sleeves & grommets.
  3. Now stretch and stake down the ends. The TENT BODY will stand up and take its finished shape.
  4. Cover with the TENT RAIN FLY and secure via the 6 buckles (4 narrow end, 2 wide end.)
  5. Stake the doors on each side to create vestibules and stake the GUYLINES at either end.



Choose a site that is relatively flat, safe from flooding and free of overhanging branches and other threats like Wasp or Bee Hives.

Clear the tent site of rocks, pebbles & fallen branches to create a smooth bed.


Clean your tent by hand washing only with warm water and mild soap (no detergents).

Ensure the tent is completely dry before storing away in a dry location.