Kelly Kettle Small Hobo Stove


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  • Allows you to cook with any pot or pan on the Trekker Kettle fire-base
  • Made of Stainless Steel
  • Stacks inside the Trekker Kettle fire-base for easy of carry
  • Perfect for cooking while camping
  • Can be used over a small regular fire for cooking too!

Let's add more utility to your Trekker kettle from Kelly Kettle. With the Kelly Kettle Small Hobo Stove you will be able to use the fire-base to cook using your own pots or pans. The Hobo Stove places your pots or pans directly over the heat source so you can cook for 1 or for many with the tools that you are most comfortable with. The Hobo Stove is made out of Stainless Steel so we know it is durable and able to survive what you throw at it. You can even stack the Hobo Stove inside the fire-base of your Trekker kettle so that you can easily store the stove in the same space that you would already be using. You can even cook directly over a fire with the Hobo Stove for a greater benefit for yourself!