Complete Kelly Kettle Stainless Trekker Kit
Kelly Kettle Trekker kit on fire
Kelly Kettle Stainless Steel Trekker Kit
Kelly Kettle Stainless Steel Trekker Kit
350 ml/ 12 oz Stainless Steel Kelly Kettle Cup /mug
Kelly Kettle Stainless Steel Trekker Kit
Kelly Kettle Stainless Steel Trekker Kit

Kelly Kettle Stainless Steel Trekker Kit

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A new Kettle Trekker Kit,  Perfect for Trekking, Hill Walking, Backpacking, Scouts, Kayaking, Picnics or Emergency Preparedness for Solo Kamper!

  • Boil water and cook fast outdoors
  • With Green Whistle that let you know when the water is boiled.
  • All items are stainless steel
  • Works in all weather conditions
  • Made from Food Grade 304 Stainless Steel and is laser welded.
  • Best camping gear or the outdoors adventurer.
  • 2.5 Cups Capacity

Never worry about running out of fuel! Simply fuel the 'Trekker' Kettle with sticks, pine cones, bark, dry grass, etc. and you will have 20 ozs of boiling water in about 3 minutes! It uses just a handful of fuel to heat water quickly for hot drinks, washing up, and personal hygiene.

This Kit Includes:

*20 oz. (0.6 liter) Trekker Kettle and Fire-base

*Cook Set (16 oz./ .45 liter Pot )

*Frying pan ( Pot Lid )

*2 Piece Grill ( Create a secure base for the pot to sit in ) Place on the fire base to grill over the coals

*Gripper Handle

*Hobo Stove Small

*Pot or fire base support

*Drawstring Storage Bag

*350ml Camping Cup with silicone Coolip piece and folding handles.

Cooking Options with the Kit:

  1. Drop the 2 piece grill set onto the fire base to grill chops, steak, sausages, chicken, etc..  Or place a pot on the grill to do some simple cooking. 
  2. Use the pot-support to cook fast items like noodles, soup, popcorn, etc. over the chimney of the kettle as the water comes to the boil.
  3. Once boiled, remove the kettle and place the Hobo Stove on the fire base to create a stable wood stove for use with any size pot or pan.  Refuel the Hobo & Base with sticks etc, and cook for as long as you need!
  4. If needs more 20 oz of boiled water. Simply refill the kettle with water and place it back on the firebase. Refuel the chimney again and your kettle will boil again within approx. 3 minutes. ( This will easily and quickly boil water for 5-6 people within a matter of minutes )
  5. The single walled cup can also be used as a pot.

Please note: 

When filled with water the kettle should be carried upright to avoid any spillage or leakage from the water spout or chimney top.

The kettle must always be full with water if cooking over the chimney top - otherwise you could overheat the inner chimney and damage the kettle.

Height - 10.4 inches (Packed)
Diameter - 5.5 inches (Widest Point at Rim of Base)
Capacity - 20 fl. Ounces, 0.6 L, 2.5 Cups
Total Weight - 2.57lb

Add this to your Emergency Preparedness or Survival kit for when the power goes out!