Kelly Kettle Trekker Kettle

Kelly Kettle Stainless Steel Trekker Kettle

Regular price $84.98

  • 0.6 Liter capacity
  • Perfect for boiling water in smaller amounts
  • Can be used to cook on the go!
  • Made of Stainless Steel
  • Included carrying bag for easy transport

For your on the go water purification and cooking needs, get the Kelly Kettle Stainless Steel Trekker Kettle and be ready for any occasion. The Trekker kettle is the most compact kettle that Kelly Kettle offers at 0.6 Liters. If you are going backpacking or fishing or hunting and are carrying your gear, you cannot go wrong with the Trekker kettle. Using only small twigs and kindling, you'll be able to bring the water in the kettle to a boil in under 10 minutes. After the water is taken care of you'll be able to cook directly over the fire-base using the other Kelly Kettle accessories made for the Trekker, such as the Small Cooking Set, or the Small Hobo Stove. Get the Kelly Kettle Trekker Kettle and be Well Prepared today!