Kelly Kettle Ultimate Base Camp Kit

Kelly Kettle Ultimate Base Camp Kit

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  • All Kelly Kettle products in one!
  • Perfect for on the go cooking
  • Boils water and cooks fast!
  • Works in all weather and altitude conditions
  • Includes carrying bag for the unit and all accessories

With the Kelly Kettle Ultimate Base Camp Kit, you are getting the best of all that Kelly Kettle makes. With its efficient design you will be able to boil water or cook food extremely fast while utilizing only twigs or small fuels. In fact you can have your water boiling in only minutes! The Base Camp is the largest kettle that Kelly Kettle offers in a whopping 1.6 Liter size. Not only do you get the kettle and fire base, but you also get all of the accessories that you can need to provide food and clean water while in the woods, after a disaster, while camping, or in any other situation.


  • 1.6 Liter SST Large Base Camp
  • Storage Bag
  • Large Cookset
  • Pot Support
  • Hobo Stove
  • Camp Cup
  • Stainless Camp Plates

Product Dimensions:

  • Height: 13 inches (Packed)
  • Diameter: 7. inches (Widest Point at Rim of Base)
  • Capacity: 54 fl. oz., 1.6L, 6.75 cups
  • Weight: 2.45 lbs
  • Pot Capacity: 32 oz. / 4 cups
  • Cups Weight: 1.7 lbs.
  • Plates Weight (Combined): 0..56 lbs.