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Knowledge Vault

  • Over 1 million Pages of Life-Sustaining Information
  • 1,000+ Sources Spanning Prepping, Gardening, Survival, and Camping
  • Long-lasting Battery - Utilize Your Knowledge Even During Power Outages
  • Take It Anywhere -- Prepping, Hiking, Camping, and More
  • Customize Your Knowledge Vault by Adding Your Own Content


What do You Need to Know After an Emergency?

"To become truly prepared to respond, each emergency professional must take the time to develop the knowledge to manage the threat and initiate response operations."

Anthony Mengeri

Although, Mr. Mangeri is discussing first responders and the knowledge and practice that they require, this applies to all of us. During an emergency, we may be that "emergency professional" that is called upon to help. In addition, we can also be that person that requires the response operations. For instance, if you were to get stuck out in the snow without food or heat, what will you do? For some of us that have been necessarily trained we may well be aware of the steps we need to take to get through the night. Others of us, in this predicament may be at a total loss as to how to survive. Therefore, it is necessary for us to have the knowledge that we need to put these practices in use when we need them.

A Library on the Go

Because packing your library with you isn't always possible, the Knowledge Vault from Well Prepared, is your library in these situations. With the Knowledge Vault and its vast library, you will benefit from all of the knowledge within -- wherever you go. The Knowledge Vault brings together over 1 million pages of life-sustaining information from over 1,000 sources in an eReader. As a result, you have the perfect tool for preppers, campers, homesteaders, and gardeners. Some of the topics that you will find in this library include: gardening, shelters, medical, water, weapons, beekeeping and so much more! After all, with 1000+ sources you are guaranteed to find the information you need to survive.

Prepared for ANY Emergency

Knowlege Vault and AccessoriesThe Knowledge Vault isn't just an eReader, but more of a survival tool. In addition to the eReader, you have the tools you need to keep it operational even in the aftermath of an EMP. The White Ammo box shields your Knowledge Vault from the destruction of an EMP. In addition to the case, you will find an included USB solar panel and a USB power bank. These together ensure your ability have knowledge now and later.


Add your own books, magazines, and information to your Knowledge Vault by hooking it up to your PC, laptop, or tablet. The included MicroSD card allows you to store information that you already possess. After that, you can then place it in your vault for the next emergency. Reference: The Value of Knowledge and Training in Response Operations - In Public Safety. (2018, October 29). Retrieved from