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Portable Solar Power Generator - 1000wh

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  • 1000wh Li-Ion Battery Power Station
  • Pure Sine Wave Inverter
  • AC/DC/Solar Input
  • 5V DC/ 110V AC Output
  • 3000+ Charge Life


Hurricanes! Blizzards! Tornadoes! Earthquakes! Brown-Outs! -- Sounds like your typical week on the news.  With all these natural disasters, who wouldn't want to be prepared for whatever life throws at us.  How about a tool that can not only be useful during a disaster, but also used everyday?  Whether you are camping or sheltering in your basement, working out on your property or finding the nearest emergency shelter, a solar powered generator is the tool that will keep on giving no matter what!

Main Features

  • Featuring a long 1000 watt hour lifespan, this portable solar generator will keep your power going on the toughest of days. 
  • The Pure Sine Wave Inverter will keep your specialized equipment safe while not connected to the grid.  CPAPs and other Medical Equipment?  This will keep your dreams from breaking.  Power Tools?  The Pure Sine Wave Inverter will keep your tools running.
  • With Multiple Charging Capabilities your solar power station can charge from solar panels, your car, or the wall at home.  You can even connect 2 of these solar powered generators together to have an even longer battery life.

Be Well Prepared and provide power to your family when you need it!

Battery Life

How long can this last?   We're glad you asked.  Check out this table below!

Image Showing different lengths of time the power station can provide power for

 Item Specifications

Battery Type: Lithium Battery

Battery Capacity: 24V/40AH

Output Voltage: 110V

Output Current: 7.5A/12A

Output Wave: AC Pure Sine Wave

Frequency: 50/60Hz

Continuous Output Power: 800W

Peak Output Power: 1600W

Protections: Over-voltage, low-voltage, temperature, overload, AC short circuit protection

Life of Battery: 3000+ cycles