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Propane Refill Adapter

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  • Propane adapter to refill small propane tanks
  • Great for ice fisherman, campers, and emergencies
  • Made to prevent overfilling small tanks
  • Refills 1 lb bottles in less than a minute!
  • Has flow safety feature to shut off if flow capacity is too high

You just got back from your latest camping expedition and you used a whole 1 lb tank of propane again. Time to set it aside and save it for the proper pickup (assuming your neighborhood has one of those this year). Wrong! Put your old tanks to use once again with the Propane Refill Adapter! With the built in overflow safety features you can be assured that you are not overfilling your tanks and that you are safe while doing so. This adapter is made to shut off when the flow capacity is too high for your smaller tank to handle. This adapter is perfect for those trying to go ice fishing, go camping, or be prepared for any emergency.

Instructions for Use:

Please do your research and learn how to refill your own propane bottles. Here are a couple of steps that you might want to use when refilling your own bottles. Again do your own research so that you will feel comfortable when working with propane. Always start with an empty cylinder
  1. Before refilling, chill the smaller empty 1 lb cylinder in the freezer for an hour or so.
  2. Prepare the larger full tank by making it warm not to exceed 85°.
  3. Place the refill adapter on the large tank.
  4. Screw the little tank onto the adapter.
  5. Flip the large tank over so that it is upside down.
  6. Open the valve. The tank will pressurize the smaller canister for about a minute. Listen for the sound of the flow to stop and close the valve at that time.
  7. Flip the larger tank back over and remove the small tank from the adapter (be aware that some more propane could escape during this time).
This is dangerous and involves flammable gas. Make sure you are outdoors when working with propane. Well Prepared will not be held responsible for any mishaps that you incur while refilling your own tanks.