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Rainmaster Self Cleaning Water Filtration System

  • Made for filtering rain water
  • Triple stage filter with single block head
  • Self-cleaning prefilter
  • Made to utilize 1/2", 3/4" or 1" connections and both brass or plastic fitting
  • Harvest your rainwater into clean drinking water

Certified Space Technology

Usable Water from Rain

Water is necessary. We need it for drinking, cleaning, gardening and raising livestock. We use it everyday. According to the rule of three, we can only survive without it for three days. Whether you are in a survival situation or just want to conserve the water that you have available, one of the growing ways in which people are gathering water is from rainwater harvesting. Rainwater harvesting is nothing more than catching the rainwater that you get around your house and using it. In other words, you can use the rainwater for your gardening and livestock. What if you wanted to capture the rainwater for something inside the house? What if you wanted to drink it?

Rainwater Filtration

One would normally not suggest drinking the rainwater after it has come off the roof. Additionally, your gutters can be filled with junk and debris. Do you want to drink that water? Of course not. In fact, you need to filter it in order to use it internally. Featuring a three stage filtration process, the Rainmaster Self Cleaning Water Filtration System is what you need to make your stored rainwater accessible for you.

Three Stage Filtration System

The first of these stages includes a self cleaning valve. It also filters out some of the largest particles you can get in the water with its 90 micron filter. Next, the water goes to the wound wire cartridge that filters out particles down to 25 microns. Lastly, the carbon-block filter removes the rest of the minerals and materials from the water. This third stage also improves the taste of the water. After all, who wants to drink water that tastes like a roof? The Rainmaster Self Cleaning Water Filtration System is also IAPMO Certified! Get the Rainmaster Self Cleaning Water Filtration System and be Well Prepared today!
1st Stage 2nd Stage 3rd Stage
Microns Each Module 90 Micron 25 Micron 10 Micron
Material Each Module Stainless Steel Mesh Polypropylene Thread Activated Carbon
What it Removes Sand, dust, rust, chlorine, pesticides. heavy metals, bad taste, smell, insecticides, solvents, bacteria, virus, fluoride, lead, pesticides, and more.
Flow Rate 4800 lt/hr
Certification IAPMO, Space
Now remember, it is still suggested that you treat your water. This ensures your being able to keep your water clean of algae and other organisms that live inside your stored water. If you are utilizing bleach for your treatment you will want to clean your water out once a year. We have a product that can keep your water clean for a lot longer than that.

Keep your water safer longer!

Water Pure Emergency Water Treatment Kit