Sagan Aquabrick Water and Food Storage Container
Sagan Aquabrick Water and Food Storage Container
Sagan Aquabrick Storage Container Stacked
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Sagan AquaBrick Kit

Sagan Aquabrick Water and Food Storage Container

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  • Strong, stackable and space-saving water and food storage solution
  • Can easily be grabbed for taking and filtering water on the go
  • Easy to pour and use
  • Made of BPA free high impact/high density polyethylene plastic
  • 3 gallons, holds 20 lbs of food
  • 9"W x 18"L x6"H

Made in the USAThere has been a natural disaster and it is no longer safe for you to stay at home. You are instructed to grab your family and what you can bring and get to a safe place. Having prepared in the past, you know that your cabin is a great bug out location. What are you going to bring and how are you going to bring it?

Sagan AquaBrick Storage Container

With the Sagan AquaBrick Storage Container, you have easy to grab and manageable storage. The three gallon AquaBrick Storage Containers are perfect for storing your water, food, and other dry storage items.

Made for storing water

The AquaBrick is made for storing water but so much more. Made of a High Density, Impact-Resistant, BPA Free plastic, the AquaBrick can store your water and keep you safe from other chemicals. Furthermore, the integrated handle makes carrying the three gallons of water rather convenient. After all, what are you going to do-carry your 50 gallon drum with you? I think not! In a much more manageable size, the AquaBrick is also made to stack so you can keep your water supply together but also able to be carried.

Ideal for storing dry foods

The AquaBrick is also perfect for storing dry foods. After you have got your water prepared, you will want to also be prepared with food items. Again, because of its BPA Free plastic, your food will be safe for your storage. Whether your food is dry or wet, you can easily carry it in the AquaBrick Storage Container.

Great for dry item storage

Lastly, the AquaBrick is a wonderful mechanism for storing dry items such as documents or ammo. The AquaBrick does not have to only be about food and water. Because of this, you can store many items of all types that you need to carry with you. These uses include: water storage, food storage, dry storage, camping, picnics, fishing, boating, 72 hour emergency kit, ice block, ammo storage, ATV pack, horse storage pack, and many more! For all of your storage needs, get the AquaBrick!

Of course the AquaBrick is madefor filtering water with the AquaBrick Water Filtration System

Sagan AquaBrick Water Filtration System