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Sagan Aquabrick Funnel for Water and Food

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  • Screws on to the Aquabrick Containers
  • Perfect for use while canning - just place the funnel straight on to your wide mouth jars!
  • Helpful in storing both food and water!
  • Helps you to store your food with less mess
  • Dimensions: 9"L x 6.5" W x 3.25"H

The AquaBrick Container is a great storage container for water and food. Ready.gov claims that you want to have at least a 3 day supply of food for any emergency. Many people will suggest that you have a much longer lasting storage. If a 3 day supply is good, having a month of emergency food is that much better. Filling your storage containers while pouring from one large bag is not always easy. In fact, having to clean up messes goes hand in hand with the process of making your food ready to store. The Sagan AquaBrick Funnel answers this problem. The AquaBrick Funnel is a simple solution that makes your food and water storage preparation so much easier! The funnel fits on the AquaBrick Container and makes filling the container so much easier to do. It also helps you to create less mess as you pack your food into your storage vessels. This in turn, saves you time!

Amazingly simple design with great capability

These funnels also fit over the top of wide mouth jars and are perfect to help you when canning! Imagine having the solution to storing your amazing apple pie filling in your own jars, without having to clean up the mess from spilling all the time...Life would be so much easier and cleaner. You too can have this one simple funnel that is a great solution to your canning and food storage issues. Now do not forget that you need to cycle through your water when you are storing it. These funnels can help you again and again as you cycle through your water every year. Another way to prolong that need is by using the H2O ResQ Water Storage Treatment And Biofilm Defender. With this water storage treatment you can prolong your water rotation needs by years.


9"L x 6.5" W x 3.25"H

Perfect for pairing with the AquaBrick Storage Container!

Sagan Aquabrick Storage Container