Home Hardening Window Film

Shatter-Resistant Window Film for Home Hardening

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  • Includes 5 foot by 1 foot section of Window Film
  • Order multiple units as needed. 2 units means 2 ft x 5 ft sheet. 3 units means 3 ft x 5 ft sheet and so on
  • Perfect for protecting your family from intrusion
  • Protect your home during inclement weather
  • Keep your vehicle windows from being broken into


Shatter Resistant Film Increases the Structural Capacity of Your Window by Up to 10 Times

When applied to window glass, our 18 mil shatter resistant film protects you from break-ins. The shatter resistant window film is extremely easy to install and can be done either by yourself, or by a professional window film installer. All that is needed are a few simple tools. In addition to the security benefits of the window film, you want the piece of mind that the window film installs clear. In other words, it will not obstruct your view provided it is installed correctly. Not only do you get a clear window, but the window film is also scratch resistant and blocks UV rays. While these extra benefits may not be your main purpose for purchasing window film, they will at least give you additional piece of mind.

How does Window Film work?

This window film is a thick barrier to the window that sticks to it very similar to the plastic screen protector film. While your window may still crack, it will be safe from shattering and people breaking through it. This keeps the intruders from getting in. Furthermore, it keeps your family safe.

You can use Window Film in Many Locations

You can protect your own property from intrusion or break-ins. Place this window film on your car windows and prevent your stereo from being stolen. Place the window film on your house and keep your loved ones safe. After installing it at your own house, install some more window film at your daughter's or parents house and keep them secure in their own home. Another location where window film is needed is at your vacation home. Ensure your property and valuables are safe during the off season. Imagine living in a world where you are constantly threatened with crime, riots or rampaging weather. Now imagine, living in a house where you are sure that you are safe. That is the piece of mind that you obtain when you purchase shatter-resistant window film.