The Original Bear River Rocket Stoves


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  • Go Off the Grid: Cook Without Electricity or Gas
  • Super Efficient and Convenient
  • Perfect for Preppers and Campers
  • Large and Sturdy: Worthy of a Professional Kitchen

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The Original Bear River Rocket Stove

Enjoy the feeling of freedom and self-reliance knowing you have the permanent ability to cook for your family.

With Bear River Rocket Stoves, cooking for a crowd can be nearly as easy as cooking in an industrial kitchen. These stoves are large, sturdy, and worthy of a professional kitchen. The largest model can feed a lot of people in an emergency. That's why it's called the Shepherd. Our medium model, the Freedom, is great for backyard cookouts or cooking at the cabin. The smallest model, the Little Guy, is great for any occasion that calls for a delicious grill-top meal.


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Small Stove (The Little Guy)

  • 2-foot griddle
  • Powered by 2 rockets
  • Grill surface lip to lip 27 ¼ x 50 1/4 , lip drop to grease channel is 2 3/4
  • Weight: 400 lbs.
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Medium Stove (The Freedom)

  • 3-foot griddle
  • 2-foot oven
  • Powered by 3 rockets
  • Grill surface lip to lip 27 ¼ x 50 1/4 , lip drop to grease channel is 2 3/4
  • Weight: 625 lbs.
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Large Stove (The Shepherd)

  • 4-foot griddle
  • 3-foot oven
  • Powered by 3 rockets
  • Grill surface lip to lip 27 ¼" x 50 1/4"
  • Lip drop to grease channel is 2 3/4"
  • Weight: 700 lbs.

All Stoves:

  • Casters are rated for 400 pound load capacity = 1600 Lbs.

Why Bear River Rocket Stoves?

Super Efficient

Bear River Rocket Stoves burn kindling: dry stick, sagebrush, or other wood debris readily available after severe weather events. These stoves cook using two or three heating chambers designed to release the maximum heat energy from a minimum amount of fuel.

Uses No Fossil Fuel

Most outdoor stoves require propane or other fuels that can quickly run out. Bear River Rocket Stoves run on renewable resources.


Large capacity stove top AND and oven gives you the ease of cooking in your own kitchen and give you the power to provide a hot meal.

What is a Rocket Stove?

Rocket stoves are wood-burning stoves that are very energy efficient and easy to use in situations where fossil fuel and electricity are not available, making them idea for emergency situations as well as outdoor activities like camping or bugging out. A rocket stove is able to run from small amounts of wood, making it a very resourceful way to cook. Rocket stoves are an ideal survival tool because they run from twigs, leaves, and wood debris -- all readily available after severe storms or earthquakes -- and can be used to cook almost anything that requires stovetop cooking. best rocket stoves for sale

How Does a Rocket Stove Work?

Fuel is burned in these stoves by lighting a fire near the bottom of the elbow. An air draft is created from the chimney, causing efficient airflow within the stove. The stoves can heat up quickly and become very hot which makes them very convenient to cook with and serve people quickly. ​Rocket stoves propel air through the heating chamber, causing astronomically efficient fuel use. In order for fires to get very hot, they need plenty of oxygen. Rocket stoves are designed with an insulated J-tube, or elbow where the fire of the rocket stove occurs. Sticks are placed in the end of the tube and air is pulled down into the chamber. When the oxygen-rich air meets the wood fuel and the heat created by the insulated tube, the ideal circumstances for combustion occur. The chimney, where the “rocket” part of the rocket stove is, ensures proper ventilation to deliver plenty of oxygen to the fire. The ventilation in a rocket stove heats the fuel super-efficiently with only a very small amounts of wood fuel needed. When finished, ashes can easily be cleaned out so you are ready for the next fire; there will be very few ashes. Overall the rocket stove uses the fuel more efficiently than other stoves.

Type of Wood to Use

Different types of woods burn with varying rates of efficiency. Oak, beech, and apple are hard, dense woods that burn a long time. Pine, a softer and more porous wood, will burn at only 60% the efficiency of oak.

Wind Direction

The direction of the wind, if any will affect the efficiency of your stove. Always have the wind blowing into the end with the 2 rocket stoves. This arrangement allows for maximizing air flow and will heat your stove faster.

Outside Temperature

In the summer, with little to no wind, you can start grilling in 20 to 30 minutes. The oven will get to 350 degrees F in about 40 to 50 minutes. Cold outside temperatures will increase heating time.

Add-On: Rocket Stove Trailer

The Rocket Stove Trailer is an optional, ready to go, custom aluminum trailer built to complement to Bear River line of Rocket Stoves. The rustproof 4 foot x 8 foot aluminum frame is a perfect fit for the stoves, whether you want it for the small or large models. The trailer is loaded with all the extras to make it easy to load and transporting your stove.

Features & Specifications

    • DOT approved
    • Load capacity: 1000 lbs
    • Gross Vehicle Weight Rated: 1100 lbs
    • 4 ft x 8 ft open bed design
    • Overall size: 145 in. long x 64 in. wide
    • dual layer bed
    • adjustable side rails
    • Coupler is 1 7/8 inch ball, with dual safety chains and S-hooks
    • Full LED lighting setup with standard vehicle connector,  prewired and inspected
    • custom loading carriage
    • 1000-lb winch
    • heavy-duty aluminum ramps
    • Popular size , dual 4.80-12inch tires on steel spoked 4-hole rims
    • front wheel jack stand
    • all-steel spine
    In addition to hauling around your Bear River Rocket Stove, the trailer can be easily configured for hauling a load of lumber or a couple of wheeled vehicles, and is designed to solve a wide variety of hauling problems.