Water Jar of Life
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Water Jar of Life

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  • Keep Water Supply Within Reach at All Times
  • Perfect for Bug Out Bags, Camping Gear, and Emergency Supplies
  • Reusable Jars Float and Are Portable
  • Stack and Store Multiple Jars for Emergencies
  • Includes Everything You Need to Maintain Your Water Supply


No Bug Out Bag Should Be Without It

Water is one of your most urgent needs in a survival situation. You can' t live long without it, especially in hot areas where you lose water rapidly through perspiration. Even in cold areas, you need a minimum of 2 liters of water each day to maintain efficiency. More than three-fourths of your body is composed of fluids. Your body loses fluid as a result of heat, cold, stress, and exertion. To function effectively, you must replace the fluid your body loses. So, one of your first goals is to obtain an adequate supply of water.


  • Sawyer Mini Water Filter
  • Water Purification Tablets
  • 3 Emergency Water Packets
  • Storage Bag
  • Jar