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BaoFeng Tech Battery Eliminator BL-5

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  • Replaces stock battery for using your radio in the car
  • Works with BaoFeng BF-F8 and UV-5R radios
  • Over Current Protection
  • Great for stashing in the car for an emergency!
  • Genuine BaoFeng Tech product

Have you ever wanted to use your BaoFeng radio in the car without using your battery up? The BaoFeng Tech Battery Eliminator BL-5 is the perfect solution to this problem!

Perfect for use in the car

The battery eliminator simply slides into the clip that your battery would plug in. The other end plugs into a car's 12V DC plug so you'll have power for your Ham Radio while you are driving.Have you thought about connecting your radio to one of BaoFeng Tech's amplifiers? This would provide you a great power source for your radio as a mobile base station! You wouldn't have to worry about charging the battery before hitting the road. Any great Prepper knows that they need to have multiple fail proof ways of doing things. This battery eliminator enables you to provide power to your radio during an emergency utilizing only a 12 volt DC plug. If you have a vehicle or even a generator with an accessory output jack you will be able to stay connected with the outside world with your BaoFeng BF-F8 or UV-5R radio.

Genuine BaoFeng Tech Battery Eliminator

This genuine BaoFeng Tech product is designed to output the correct 7.8V that your radio requires. Furthermore, the over current protection keeps your radio safe when power is questionable. Rest assured that you are getting the great high-quality power adapter that you are looking for. Please note that this battery eliminator is not a charger. This will not charge your radio, as the part plugs into your battery port instead of a battery. Be sure to check out our other great BaoFeng and Communication products! We have batteries, antennas, programming cables, and we can't forget the BaoFeng BF-F8 itself! Be sure to also check out our YouTube video on how to program the BaoFeng BF-F8 using CHIRP.