Real BaoFeng Programming Cable 03
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BaoFeng FTDI Genuine USB Programming Cable

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  • Genuine FTDI USB Programming Cable
  • Plug and Play
  • Works with Baofeng:UV-5X3, BF-F8HP, UV-82HP
  • Includes LED lights on plug to ensure it is working
  • Can easily program with software from BaoFeng or CHIRP

Now that you have achieved your goal and have passed your HAM Radio Test, how are you going to set up your brand new radio? Now we know that the only reason to have one of these BaoFeng BF-F8HP radios is not just to set it up for the ham radio frequencies. You may want to set this radio up as a weather radio and emergency frequency scanner. You can do it all with the Genuine BaoFeng Tech FTDI USB Programming Cable

Genuine BaoFeng Programming Cable

You are going to need a genuine programming cable from BaoFeng in order to make that happen! These cables come straight from BaoFeng Tech and are, indeed, the correct cables with the blinking LED lights that prove that the cable is working. These USB cables work on PC, Mac, and Linux so that you can program your radio in your preferred software environment.

Tested by us at Well Prepared

Here at Well Prepared we have tested these cables and can guarantee that they do work! All you will need is the correct software, your BaoFeng Radio, and this PC-03 programming cable and you will be able to program your radio and start talking in no time! If you need help programming your radio be sure to check out our video below. This cable has been known to work with portable radios requiring the 2-pin KPG-22 type connector: These include: BaoFeng, Kenwood, AnyTone, FDC, Linton, Puxing, Surecom, Weierwei, Wouxun, and Quansheng. Please ensure that your radio has been tested to work with this cable prior to purchase. We will not be held responsible for this cable not working with any other radio type than the BaoFeng BF-F8HP If your computer did not automatically download the correct drivers for this cable please visit: We suggest using the CHIRP open-sourced software for your programming needs. You can find that here.

How to Program the BaoFeng BF-F8HP using CHIRP