Protection from Active Shooters

With Only Seconds to Safety

An average size school generally takes from 20 to 45 minutes for all of its students to get safely inside one large common safe location, this is far too much time to be safe… By comparison, generally every student can be safely inside one of our dual purpose shelters within 30-45 seconds when these shelters are located inside or nearby every classroom. The dual propose shelters are a welcome daily functional part of their classrooms where they serve as a small reading/quite room, tutoring room.

Protection from Tornadoes

Protection from Earthquakes

Protection from Hurricanes

Protecting What Matters Most

In a moment of crisis time and exposure en-route to safety is everything, and is often the difference between life and death. Within seconds people of all ages and size can be fully protected inside one of our multi-patent pending Ballistic Storm Shelters that have been pre-installed inside any room or other nearby location for the immediate real protection of students, faculty, family/children, military personnel, government officials, clients, patrons, employees/personnel, travelers, etc.

Ballistics Test

These shelters have been tested with every gun that has ever been used in a school shooting along with many others. Watch how the shelters perform in the video. Your family is kept safe within the shelter even after the shelter takes a barrage of bullets.

Safety for All

Ballistic Storm Shelter Construction Information


  • Each unit is constructed of faceted wall and roof panels consisting of 1/4″ impact/abrasion-resistant AR450 steel on the inside wall and 3/16″ 572-50 steel on the outside. The door conists of dual layers of the 1/4″ AR450 steel.
  • The two layers of plates are separated by a space of approximately 7/8” which is filled with a patent pending type of expanding ceramic cement mixed with various nanoparticle metals and other material that has similar ballistic characteristics to Kevlar.


Joined at the corners by 1/4” thick AR500 bent plate and stitch bolted (inside and outside) using ½” diameter Grade 8 high strength carriage bolts 6” apart. (12” apart on each side)



  • At the factory, anchor points are welded to the inside face of the shelters at
    1 foot from each corner of the shelters.
  • Shelters supported on a reinforced slab or foundation that is at least 5”
    thick (with minimum concrete strength 3000psi). (newer info – 6” ?)
  • Earth anchor bolts (also known as Red Head bolts) (similar to how a house
    is bolted to concrete) (Usually 5/8” diameter Hilti Kwik Bolt TZ expansion
    anchors) embedded minimum 3.5” into the slab/foundation.
  • Drill a hole to proper depth in concrete, insert bolt into hole, put washer
    and nut on bolt and then hammer bolt into the hole, then tighten down. To
    see an example of how a redhead bolt is installed for the shelters (although
    this video is someone else – not us) , see
Sizes, Capacity, and Pricing
SKU: 3650
Size: 3’5″ x 5’0″ (17.5 Sq. Ft.)
Capacity*: Holds 9 Adults or 18 Children
Weight (lbs): 3,258
Price: $15,000
SKU: 3666
Size: 3’5″ x 6’5″ (22.75 Sq. Ft.)
Capacity*: Holds 11 Adults or 23 Children
Weight (lbs): 4,300
Price: $20,000
SKU: 3680
Size: 3’5″ x 8’0″ (28 Sq. Ft.)
Capacity*: Holds 14 Adults or 28 Children
Weight (lbs): 5,212
Price: $25,000
SKU: 5050
Size: 5’0″ x 5’0″ (25 Sq. Ft.)
Capacity*: Holds 12 Adults or 25 Children
Weight (lbs): 4,525
Price: $21,000
SKU: 6666
Size: 6.5″ x 6’5″ (42.25 Sq. Ft.)
Capacity*: Holds 21 Adults or 42 Children
Weight (lbs): 7,884
Price: $37,000
SKU: 8080
Size: 8’0″ x 8’0″ (64 Sq. Ft.)
Capacity*: Holds 32 Adults or 64 Children
Weight (lbs): 11,548
Price: $55,000

Shelter Optional Add-Ons

  • Locator: ELT Emergency Locator Transmitter GPS Location Device
  • Communication: Emergency Frequency Access Wireless Telephone/Radio
  • Emergency Air: Appropriate Quantity of Emergency Air Respirators System
  • Extreme Air Filtration: Additional Extreme Capability Air Filtration/Purification/Circulation

Payment Schedule

  • 5% Down Payment – Due at the time a contract is signed to reserve production slot
  • 35% Production Payment – Due by the time the production of the steel is scheduled to commence production, and all other materials are ordered.
  • 35% Assembly Payment – Due by the time the assembly of the shelter is scheduled to begin.
  • 25% Completion Payment – Due upon the completion of the onsite installation of the shelter.

Higher capacity ballistic storm shelters also available upon request. Use the form below and tell us your needs!
*According to FEMA standards we are using the guideline of 3 sq’ per adult and 1.5 sq’ for children to calculate shelter capacity.

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